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4" Pewter and Horn Quaich

4" Pewter and Horn Quaich

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Product Description

This beautiful 4" quaich is made from ethically sourced horn by experienced horn workers. the polish horn bowl has a pewter rim around the the top and pewter handles. The colour and markings on the bowl are distinctive and unique, and it is a natural alternative to a pewter quaich. It measures 4" across the bowl, and is special enough to grace any special occasion, or even to be displayed in your home. This quaich is as unique as the horn that it is made from, and therefore the quaich you will receive can differ from the image above.

Not suitable for engraving.

What is a Quaich?

Not sure what a quaich is? Find out by clicking here: What Is A Quaich?


  • Made from ethically sourced horn
  • It is as unique as the horn it is made from, and so can look different from the image above
  • Finely made from lead-free pewter
  • Made in the UK

Product Specifications

Weight 150G
Dimensions (Approx) Bowl diameter: 4", Handle to handle: 6.5"
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