Order Statuses

Order Statuses
Information on our order statuses. Get an update of what's happening with your order by checking it's order status.

Our most common order statuses:

Processing / Being Worked On: Your order has been processed, but not yet fully dispatched. For custom items, your order status will remain as this until they have been completed and dispatched.

Complete: Your order has been completed and fully dispatched. Please note items may be sent separately.


Some of our other statuses:

Awaiting Customer Response: Your order is being processed, however we need a little extra information in order to complete your order. You’ll receive an update by email so please watch out for this and reply.

Awaiting Stock: Your order has been processed but contains an item which has been back ordered for you. We will email to confirm an expected dispatch date. If you’d like to swap to an alternative do let us know.

Closed: Your order has been refunded in full.

Pending: Your order has been received without payment and we're waiting to know how you're going to pay. For example you've just made your order selected 'Phone Payment or Cheque' but not phoned in to make payment or told us you're sending a cheque.

Pending - Awaiting Payment: Your order has been received but payment has not yet been received. For example, if you're sending us a cheque and we've not received it.

Pending - Payment Uncleared: Your order has been received, payment has been received but has not cleared. For example, if you've sent us a cheque which has not yet cleared in our bank.

Payment Review: Most likely you've made payment via PayPal and it's being sent as an eCheque. Your order will remain in this status until the eCheque clears.

On Hold: Your order has been placed on hold.

Canceled: Payment was never received and the order has been cancelled.